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Welcome to my personal photography pages. This year I finally found the time to reopen and expand this part of my website. Photography is indeed the other passion of mine. In fact I started photography earlier than flyfishing and rodbuilding, back in 1969. 

In the beginning years, I favored black and white photography. I simply loved to do all the processing myself so I spent hours and hours in the darkroom making prints. In later years, after spoiling my days with a regular job I used more and more color slide film, but was often dissatisfied with the results because of the sloppy processing of my non-Kodachrome films. Today in the digital age I am really happy being able to do all the processing in my home again. 

Favorite subjects in photography? Hmm, no specific ones, or better say everything.... I am interested in the outdoors and nature, so landscapes are one favorite, but I also enjoy shooting pictures of people and cityscapes, still life of any kind, as well as macro photography. 

How did I get hooked? Well, I'll never forget that special moment in my dad's darkroom when I first saw an exposed sheet of photographic paper dive into the developer and after a few seconds, just like magic, an image appeared!! That was it! Got hooked forever.

I developed my first black & white film when I was 10 and my dad also showed me how to make prints in the bathroom, sometimes to the displeasure of my mom because I blocked the access to the toilet. ;-)

Now in the digital age black and white has caught many people's interest again. At last it is not necessary any more to carry 2 camera bodies loaded with different film in order not to miss a good occasion. Having used analog black and white for a long time I have to admit that I was very happy to get rid of my darkroom stuff and do it all digitally. Using modern archival inkjet printers and high quality gallery papers my results are so much better compared to the silver halide process as well as less time consuming--I am not a pro and have to earn my money in a different business.

I have no idea how this website will develop. I guess that I'll add photos and bits of information that I like to share with you.

printed on  19.04.2024

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