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a bamboo rodbuilder's workshop (page 3)

Furthermore there have been various casting demonstrations around the lodge, with good opportunities to have a look at (and test-cast) rods made by various rodbuilders of all level of expertise. I made a complete fool out of myself when I swung a 15', two handed rod "speycast-style", fortunately without strangling myself or someone else nearby, but I wasn't the only one. I learned two things: 1. learn how to speycast properly, 2. have a double-breakfast before trying to cast a flagpole like that.

A view across Corbett Lake
A view across Corbett Lake

Anyway we all had a lot of fun and have got new ideas for the coming season. Having the opportunity to inspect a lot of rods, built by different makers really helps to get a sharp eye for quality.

After dinner there was a surprise for John Bokstrom of Maple Ridge, B.C., Ray Gould and Jack Byrd presented an award to him. John has been the originator and the organizer of the first two meetings at Corbett Lake in 1990 and 1988. Thanks to his courage and engagement these meetings had been a big sucess. He started the 1988 meeting entirely on his own risk, not knowing how many rodbuilders he had invited would actually come and show enough interest to make a workshop possible.

Despite his doubts, about 2 dozen rodbuilders attended the first meeting and they enjoyed it! In 1990 the success continued and over 30 rodbuilders flocked in. This years meeting (1992) was organized by Jack and Ray. "This meeting I just want to lean back and enjoy and let the other guys do the work", John said. He is an excellent and very helpful craftsman and has done very much for the bamboo rodmakers craft. He provided a lot of contributions during all of these meetings.

Our host Peter McVey (guitar) and Bob Milward belting out a tune after dinner
Our host Peter McVey (guitar) and Bob Milward belting out a tune after dinner

The evening continued with more socializing, bamboo talk, exchanging addresses, bizcards and invitations for fishing. Some folks gathered around the fireplace to enjoy a glass of wine and the latest jokes or fishing tales. Later that evening Peter McVey, the owner of Corbett bike Country Inn, took out his guitar, Bob Milwardjoined in with his violin and his banjo and we had some great, hand made, Hi-Fi folk music.

On Sunday the workshop continued with a presentation and slide show by Bob Milward about his visit to the House of Hardy in Alnwick, Scotland. He also presented historic material about rod construction at Hardys, that caused astonishment and amusement as well. It was a beautifully made presentation, showing that old tradition fishing tackle firm, it's production methods and machinery and the beautiful countryside around it.

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