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The term "minimalism" comes from painting / visual arts, as well as music, but can be applied to photography as well.  "Minimalism" can be applied to countless great photographs. Only very few (or only one) object in it, strategically placed and lit in an interesting way. Cleaned-up photographs. Less is more...

In my case that "minimalism" business goes back to my days of photography in the mid-70s. Looking at other photographers work, I was instantly drawn to work from artists like Ernst Haas and especially Harald Mante who influenced me quite a bit. Back then, the impact still was not very deep, but during recent years it was gaining the upper hand in my photography

This photo display is named after a print archive box as well as a Capture One folder where I usually put all the images into that don't really fit into any special category but share a common trait--being simple in a graphical sense.

As work in progress I'll post new photos as soon as they exist.


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