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Frank's Personal Waste of Time

Time flies when having fun--can't believe that this site is in it's 24th year. After laying dormant for quite a while I recently moved my website to a new server / provider and upgraded to a new content management software. The main focus of Frank's Personal Waste of Time (f.p.w.o.t.) will remain the same--providing information on my two passions: making split bamboo flyrods and photography.

The section on bamboo rod making has become dormant because my bamboo rod making stagnated quite a bit because of family issues as well as other obligations. But I was amazed at how many pages still get looked at from people around the planet, so they got migrated to the new site.

I hope to find more time in the future to continue making bamboo flyrods and create more content for this site as I go along.  The other part of this site is about photography. Being into photography for well over 40 years, it was my first hobby and remained with me ever since, with a few breaks in between. Still, this site still remains a playground for me, because a regular job is the best way to spoil a day.

... so, how are you going to waste your time?

Bamboo Rodmaking