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Although there is an exceptional growth in the bamboo flyrod market and the bamboo rodbuilding scene as well, there are still only two periodicals on the bamboo rodmaker's craft available, but both are well worth reading when being a rodmaker desiring to be up to date. The Planing Form was the first publication on the subject and many competent rodmakers get their articles published in there.

the planing form

Meanwhile THE legendary newsletter on the art of bamboo rodmaking. A must read for anyone thinking about making own bamboo flyrods. Published bi-monthly by Ron Barch, a rodmaker from Michigan, U.S.A.

After 25 years serving rod builders around the world, it was discontinued. Nothing lasts forever... However check out Ron Barch's website for available back issues.


This is a recommendable online bamboo rodmaking magazine published by Todd Talsma. It is available for download in PDF-format.

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